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Hello everyone, my name is Tifany & I am a loooooove-sick newly wed….

Hello everyone, my name is Tifany & I am a loooooove-sick newly wed. But – before I jump into the heavy stuff, let me tell you a bit about myself.

I was born and raised in Arizona (mostly in the west valley), by my single mother & my grandmother. I’ve always considered myself a go-getter, just based off my strong role models I had around me. I thoroughly enjoy frozen yogurt in my spare time, I’m constantly watching HGTV/looking at model homes and I absolutely CANNOT sit still when it comes to exploring my career choices. (My husband hates it).

This is my first blog I’ve ever written and I am definitely excited to see where it goes. I will be going over all of my favorite topics, so stay tuned for my next post.


2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. It is difficult to control our initial reaction to a situation at first. Some people say count to ten first, & that really is good advice. I those 10 seconds I’m usually thinking “is this an emergency or life threatening? “. Then I think “is this really important enough to get upset over”. Sometimes it’s just really annoying and you just have to say “this is really annoying me right now!” It just takes time for person to figure it out as you get older. Also when you sit back and you analyze a situation after the fact it helps you in the future when you come across a similar situation.


    1. I agree! Counting to ten is really great advice. It’s almost like I am re-learning how to “grow up” in a sense & how to properly describe my feelings without yelling or anger. It’s definitely a challenge.


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