jaxx is in danger.

When you have nieces & nephews , your main priority is to keep them safe . I so so so wish i could keep my little nephew safe . About a year ago , my nephew was taken from us by AZDCS for false reports of abuse & neglect . We were weeks away from adopting him & making his placement permanent in our home . His paternal grandma is attempting to gain custody of him , as well as physically abusing him & keeping him from all of his family . My life feels so incomplete without him & i know he misses us so much . I started a gofundme to help with the cost of the attorney & it’s going to take $20K USD to even get his case to the appellate court ( the judge has ruled in the paternal grandma’s favor already & not allowing my mom’s evidence in court ) . The way the judge has acted so far is DISGUSTING to say the least . She obviously doesn’t care about the safety of my nephew & is just bending over & taking whatever AZDCS is giving her .

The bio for the gofundme reads: “Dear Friends, I am the biological grandmother of a bright, beautiful, loving three-year-old boy named Jaxx and his sweet, six-month-old brother, Maxx. I cared for Jaxx for over two years because his parents struggled with alcohol and drugs and became unable to care for him after the death of his three-month-old sister, Marlee in 2018. Jaxx’s parents’ rights were severed in June of 2019. After having lost both his parents and his sister, the Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS) came to my home after receiving an anonymous tip from Jaxx’s paternal grandparents that I was “neglecting” my grandson and immediately removed Jaxx from my care without having any proof or conducting an investigation. DCS informed me that because Arizona does not recognize grandparents’ rights and because Jaxx’s parents’ rights were severed, I was legally no longer Jaxx’s grandmother and had no rights to Jaxx. DCS placed Jaxx and his infant brother, Maxx in the care of their paternal grandparents. The paternal grandparents were parties to a criminal investigation after my granddaughter Marlee died in their home. They smoke and drink with my grandsons, have a documented criminal history, are being investigated for child abuse and neglect, and have multiple family members who have used and distributed drugs. Jaxx has since developed a speech disorder, is showing signs of physical abuse including a black eye and repeated bruising all over his body, has had three serious injuries that required hospitalization, and both Jaxx and Maxx have developed respiratory illnesses since being placed with the paternal grandparents. DCS refuses to admit that Jaxx and Maxx would be safer with another family member because they do not want to admit that they were wrong, and they want to close the case on my grandsons. I have no criminal record, yet, DCS has treated me like a criminal and labeled me an unsafe person who is not fit to have any contact verbally or in-person with my grandsons. In August of 2019 I retained an attorney and have fought to get custody of Jaxx for over a year. Because DCS does not want to admit that they removed two children from a loving and safe home to a home in which they are subjected to abuse and neglect, I am at risk of losing my grandsons forever. Our juvenile system and the Arizona Department of Child Safety is broken. Many of the individuals who work for DCS, the Juvenile Courts, and the Attorney General’s Office are accustomed to rubber stamping a child’s file and moving children through the system based only on the testimony of a case worker, without ever determining where the child is safest. In this state, a DCS case worker only needs to cite “neglect” or “abuse” and there is no documentation or proof required and your children could be removed and become lost in the system forever. The judges and the Guardians Ad Litem who are supposed to protect a child and have their best interests, will always defer to the DCS case worker’s testimony regardless of the evidence. These individuals should be the last line of defense for a child in the system, yet they are equally as guilty of moving files through a system without ever spending one minute with the child. I have spent my entire life savings, was forced to sell my home, and am facing the slimmest chance of ever seeing my grandsons again. If you have ever experienced the loss of a child, a grandchild, or have known anyone who has been forced to deal with the Arizona DCS system, please consider helping me to appeal my case for Jaxx. I will use everything I have and receive to fight for the children who are unfortunate enough to have become a part of this broken system and I will continue to speak out against the injustices that the state of Arizona is allowing to happen to our children. Please consider helping in any way that you feel compelled. If you have a similar story, please contact me to share it as I intend to speak up for the grandparents who have lost their grandchildren, for the children who have lost important familial connections, and to encourage our legislators to implement changes to the system to prevent these injustices from occurring. Please also pray for my family and especially for my grandsons, Jaxx and Maxx, that they be protected from any further pain and suffering caused by DCS. Thank you and may God Bless you and your children.”

I just wish SOMEONE would shine some light on his case & prevent him from officially being adopted by his abuser & save his life . His link is below .


D e n t a l A s s i s t i n g

It’s been a while since my last post. Many things have happened and I thought by the time I was ready to publish another one things would be better. Since the last post, my nephew’s dad’s parents lied to DCS and provided fabricated evidence so he was removed from our care without proper investigation. I broke up with an emotionally abusive boyfriend. Started dating someone new who lights my soul on fire. Went on admin leave because of, yet again, false complaints. Corona Virus hit causing my school to temporarily close (no update on when they will be back up). My new nephew was born and removed right away due to the previous false allegations (because apparently DCS is not bound legally & can do whatever they want).

I was going to make a blog REALLY going in on DCS and their malpractice (as well as Surprise Police Dept’s detective attempting to sway my niece’s death investigation to try to look like a homicide & throw my sister in prison & how one of the Arizona Attorney General’s refuse to step out of my nephews case and doesn’t care about the best interest of a child), but due to the cases not being completely closed, it could potentially hurt us. Sounds fair right? Punish someone for exposing the most corrupt system in the United States? THAT IS FAMILY COURT & DCS FOR YOU.

The topic I’m going to touch base on is actually my DENTAL ASSISTING SCHOOL! To say that it is magical is an understatement. I genuinely had no clue what I was getting myself into. I just went online and saw several careers that required a minimal amount of school, with AMAZING hours, & was sold on dental assisting. Granted, it had been about 5 years since I was last in school so I knew this was going to be an uphill battle for me. I chose my school after looking at 2 others. I was really sold on it only being 13 weeks long, 12 hours a week, offering more certifications than the other schools & close to home. The teachers/employees were so nice and helpful when it came to anything I needed, so I knew it was going to be a great fit.

The first week was really not bad at all. I felt like the curriculum was very easy to comprehend. I received my tablet, books, uniforms & typodont so i was completely prepared for material we were about to learn. However, not going to lie, wearing an uncomfortable uniform is my biggest pet peve, especially when there are no alternative brands you can buy. Comfort is everything to me. For some reason I can’t even focus on simple tasks if what I’m wearing is distracting. The uniforms we have to wear are very restricting in certain areas (baggy on the legs/tight on the waist). Personally, I would have done a little more research on other brands that cater to all body types, especially since uniforms are included in the tuition & can be very inexpensive in bulk.

The school is laid out exactly like a dental office would be (minus the classroom area) because it actually used to be a dental office. It has all the tools needed to properly learn the curriculum. The class is pretty quiet, making it very easy to learn, but sometimes challenging to ask questions since hardly anyone wants to make noise. And like every class, there’s a couple students that don’t study, rely on their mates for answers, so that can be frustrating. I don’t understand how people can get by in trade schools doing that. Your literal entire job is the curriculum being taught, so not paying attention and taking the easy way out will hurt not only you, but the office that hires you. The office is fully expecting someone to have an understanding of the material, not someone that slacked off or cheated their way through 13 weeks.

Due to Corona Virus striking the United States, school has temporarily closed. At this point I would actually have finished in 5 days, leaving me pretty salty about the whole situation, but now it just gives me more time to study everything so I don’t have to work as hard when I get back.

About Me

Hello everyone, my name is Tifany & I am a loooooove-sick newly wed….

Hello everyone, my name is Tifany & I am a loooooove-sick newly wed. But – before I jump into the heavy stuff, let me tell you a bit about myself.

I was born and raised in Arizona (mostly in the west valley), by my single mother & my grandmother. I’ve always considered myself a go-getter, just based off my strong role models I had around me. I thoroughly enjoy frozen yogurt in my spare time, I’m constantly watching HGTV/looking at model homes and I absolutely CANNOT sit still when it comes to exploring my career choices. (My husband hates it).

This is my first blog I’ve ever written and I am definitely excited to see where it goes. I will be going over all of my favorite topics, so stay tuned for my next post.