I Went to The Angry Crab Shack & This is How it Went .

I’m a woman who is OBSESSED with seafood . My father (no longer in the picture) had me try everything under the sun when it came to those fishy little guys . I am so grateful for him though , there is hardly anything i won’t eat . When I first walked into the  restaurant I honestly did not know what to expect . I was greeted by a wonderful bartender with a kick-ass attitude . She started me out with a little menu , consisting of the main meat I’ll choose . Originally I went here for crawfish however being informed on the size of the fish , I chose the shrimp instead . It was about 4x the size of the crawfish . (sorry for the quality)

After I chose my meat , I had to go for my sauce . I was recommended the Trifecta because it was the most popular sauce this location had . Trifecta consisted of Kajun + Lemon Pepper + Garlic = Everything I love ! Next I had to choose the level of spice . Keep in mind I have GERD’s ( Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) so I’m not supposed to have anything crazy . I chose the mild sauce .

Finally I added some corn & sauce to the bag & voila , Heaven in a baggie . I was given some parchment paper , a bib , gloves & a bucket to throw every scrap into .

IN ALL , this place was amazing . I would definitely check it out . I will also be trying other places with similar style & try to upload it as soon as possible đŸ™‚ .