What’s up, Dog?

HUSKY : The Siberian Husky is a medium size working dog breed that originated in north-eastern Siberia, Russia. He is happy , gentle (most of the time) & needs A LOT of attention . I adopted a siberian husky abt 2.5 months ago & it is BY FAR the most stressful , yet rewarding learning experience I have gone thru . My husky’s name is Balto & he is a spoiled one .

LOVES : Balto loves his Kong (greatest thing ever invented) , his bacon, his monkey & he loved his iguana before he ripped it open & drug the stuffing all over my backyard .

HATES : (i use hates because there is no way in heck he is going to change his mind) . Balto hates sweet potatoes , hates when dogs nibble his face , when i leave the room for more than 30 seconds , when i bring him inside for any reason at all & when i don’t let him eat birds / small animals .

My dog requires training , time , love & attention . I knew that going into the adoption process . The plus side is he’s only 11 months old so he will be cool & collected in no time!

CARE : When it comes to the health of my Balto , i was thinking / wanting to switch him to a raw diet . I’ve looked at the pros & cons (cost , nutrients , brands , etc ) and i think it would really benefit Balto . The only thing i’m worried about is his digestion . He has a VERY sensitive stomach . I was thinking it was because he’s still in his puppy stage but I feel like it is beyond that .

Any other dog moms experience this with their baby ? What are some things you do to work around it ? Let me know 🙂

Take a Leap of Faith

I honestly feel like I am stressing out constantly . It could be anything in the world , the smallest thing imaginable & I would rack my brain about it . I really don’t have any stress management tips either . So that’s where I turn to you , my reader . What helps you through the hard & stressful times ? No matter if it is physical or mental exercises , I would love to hear about them !

Right now I am in the middle of a drastic life change . The kind of life change that is a given to stress about , yet I don’t even know anything bad is going to happen . And that my friends is called “switching careers” . Over the last two years I feel like I’ve been doing nothing but switching jobs back and forth to which ever one I feel like “suits me” . But let’s be honest , I will never be happy staying in one place . My life is full of wanderlust & I always want to have an adventure .

Recently I inherited a new family member . His name is Balto and he’s a Siberian Husky . Balto has lit up my world in the last week and a half , especially since he’s still a puppy . He’s super energetic and naughty . His previous owner neglected him quite a bit (I DON’T KNOW HOW ANYONE DOES THAT TO A PUPPY) so it’s quite difficult trying to correct his habits . He does tend to snap at your face , chew , he’s a picky eater and he was never house trained so I had little pee spots all over the house . Given that it’s only been a week , I have managed to almost completely potty trained him , but he still has an accident every once in a while .