The Other Woman .

A couple months ago I found out my ex husband had a girlfriend the entire year we were separated . Which is fine, that’s not the issue, he’s a grown man & I was seeing other people too. The issue is we were also having sex/meeting up pretty often at the same time they were boyfriend/girlfriend . I knew he was kind of seeing someone because I found her pregnancy tests, birth control & vibrators in the place he was staying in (that was in my name) , but he tried to reassure me they weren’t serious & that he wasn’t ready for anyone else after me.

In the summer of 2018 – one night he came over , we did the dirty, then shit got real . For some reason he decided he wanted to come clean & confessed that he had gotten his girlfriend pregnant. My ex had himself so deep in his lies & f*ck-boyness that he covinced himself she was the one fucking around & it was probably her ex’s baby anyways, but he paid for her to have an abortion because he didn’t the chance of it being his & he wasn’t ready for another child. 

I didn’t find out they were actually dating until December of 2018 , when I realized he blocked me on facebook & she was tagging him in boyfriend pictures . 

& I have to say , it honestly broke me knowing he got someone else pregnant . He knew that was the one thing I really wanted in life, besides being his wife . I just wanted babies of my own . What was even shittier was that he waited until after we f*cked to tell me . WHO DOES THAT?

He told me I was the only person who knew because he was so ashamed of what he did . I know I just immediately was in shock & just heartbroken because I knew he was going to get someone else pregnant because of how careless he is .

I did try to tell her about what he was doing but she seemed uninterested & didn’t believe a word I was saying (why would any woman in denial believe the other woman & that their boyfriend is a piece of shit?) You’re right , they wouldn’t . Women have this strange way of blaming another lady for their boyfriend cheating on them because they refuse to hold him accountable . Oh well . 

Since all this drama happened , I started dating somebody seriously . He’s amazing , a piece of shit like me (humor-wise) , moody asf , but still is obsessed with me & making me happy . My boyfriend is fully aware of all the bs I had to endure last year & he’s so committed to being the opposite of my ex husband it’s wonderful . I’m excited to see where life takes us .

(A little explanation about us will be in a future blog) .


About Me

Hello everyone, my name is Tifany & I am a loooooove-sick newly wed….

Hello everyone, my name is Tifany & I am a loooooove-sick newly wed. But – before I jump into the heavy stuff, let me tell you a bit about myself.

I was born and raised in Arizona (mostly in the west valley), by my single mother & my grandmother. I’ve always considered myself a go-getter, just based off my strong role models I had around me. I thoroughly enjoy frozen yogurt in my spare time, I’m constantly watching HGTV/looking at model homes and I absolutely CANNOT sit still when it comes to exploring my career choices. (My husband hates it).

This is my first blog I’ve ever written and I am definitely excited to see where it goes. I will be going over all of my favorite topics, so stay tuned for my next post.