Working in 911 .

911Yes . it’s hard . I said it . But not for the reasons you think it is . A lot of people say “oh it must be hard dealing with death all the time .” but the truth is I’m not always dealing with death . im dealing with the ones who think they are . or that it’s the end of the world because someone isn’t allowed to be parked on their street without their permission . Or because a school street sign is out when it’s a holiday & forcing them to go less than their speed preference . I am not by any means knocking those who call in for these reasons , but simply trying to make people aware that working in Law Enforcement is HARD . Fellow officers/deputies aren’t always sitting around waiting for calls to be put into service . They’re more than likely working off duty , assisting fellow co-workers/other agencies , finishing up their reports , debriefing for the next shift , trying to get a few hours of a nights sleep , enjoying very little family time , trying to forget about the actual horrors they deal with from work .

But , yes , occasionally I do deal with death . After a while though , some may get a little numb to it . Death doesn’t quite affect you like it did before . You find ways to cope with the losses . Days go by faster ; even your family seems to notice the change in attitude . You get a little colder , skin gets a little thicker . It sucks .

So there . Like I said , Law Enforcement is hard & it is not to be mocked . It’s to be understood . & if this doesn’t give very much insight I would recommend stepping in their shoes for a few hours  by doing a ride-a-long , volunteering with their agency or just downright sitting down and getting to know them .