Learning to Control My Finances

I’ll be the first to admit that I LOVE spending money or even almost spending it (if that makes sense) . And by almost spending it I mean window shopping , online shopping, everything  . I’m always planning out my life ; what kind of house I’m going to buy (everything down to the counter tops) , the next car I’m going to get , the number of dogs I’m going to adopt, how many kids I will have, etc.

Up until recently I have done nothing but think about money. I just enrolled in school for Surgical Technology and let me tell you, school ain’t cheap . Surg Tech school is nowhere near the cost of traditional med school but it also isn’t something I can only work part time to afford it .

That being said , I have decided to cut my expenses , one bill at a time ! I attempted to start with my phone bill , there’s no wiggle room there. I don’t use public wifi (it’s slow and can be unsafe) and I hate asking people for their wifi passwords ! So I got the unlimited plan from Verizon and it’s the best thing to ever happen to me . It lets me stream netflix through an HDMI cord to my tv , I can lounge around on my time off just scrolling through Pinterest (and updating my blogs) and I can use my phone as a hotspot just about anywhere for any device I have . Not to mention Verizon is the best service I’ve ever had .

Next I moved to my phone bill, which hasn’t changed, how about my rent? No , it isn’t easy to cut your cost of living ,  especially if it’s a fixed amount , but once our lease is up (in three months) my husband and I are inheriting two roommates ! And moving into a house instead of staying in an apartment . We’ve managed to find very cute 3 and 4 bedroom homes for about $1200 per month, having each of us pay $300 .

I then looked at how much I spend on food and gas . This was a pretty big area for me . At least five days a week I would go get something to eat (and bring it to work) . So when I really started looking at my statements and seeing all of my charges (gas wasn’t so bad) that’s when I knew I had a problem . I used to be a poster child for at home cooking . I want to get back to that point , there are just a lot of temptations in the world that try to lead me off track . Not only would I save a ton of money mea-planning , I would also shed a tiny bit of weight too !

It’s honestly not easy sticking yourself on a budget when you’ve been living well above your means for a long time , but oh is it so worth it once you pay your bills off and have money to save !

Favorite TV Shows (Currently)


I absolutely LOVE these two . I saw one episode of Arrow a few years ago & randomly stopped watching it . Between school and work , tv shows / movies weren’t a priority for me . A few months back i practically forced myself to start being civilized & stumbled upon Arrow again . I wasn’t really paying attention for the first episode , just playing the show while I did dishes or cooked dinner . I don’t know what happened , but it was like a light switch went off or a little bird told me “just watch it”. So I did . I sat my happy butt down on the couch and binge watched the show until my husband got home . He got hooked on it also & that’s where my addiction with Arrow

the flash

started . My husband and I were able to bond over something (even though it seems silly) , we hadn’t really had anything we agreed on in a long time . So I cherished the time we spent together , watching “our show” . And it was cute how into the show Coltin got , especially when he went as far as claiming him & Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen [Arrow]) looked alike . I still let him have that glory and fan-girl over Stephen any time he wants .

Another favorite of mine is the Flash . Grant Gustin (Barry Allen [The Flash]) has the nerdy/cute vibe going on. I’m not really sure what I like about him . Maybe I just like a man in uniform (lol) but I have fallen in love with


that show as well . Plus , Coltin & I bond over that one too , sometimes he likes to skip ahead & I get annoyed because he finds everything out before I do (wah) .


greys anatomy

Last but not least , it’s definitely because I’m starting a surgical technology program soon , but I have started watching Grey’s Anatomy like it’s a new religion . Although it is fake , it still prepares me for the types of things I’m going to be experiencing in the operating room . I’ve only gotten to season 2 episode 3 & I’m already emotionally invested in the dang thing . I celebrate the wins when someone doesn’t die on the table (I feel like that doesn’t happen often) . Currently , I am trying to win Coltin over on this show , but he’s being resistant (but don’t worry it will happen) .




That’s it for my [current] favorite shows , I shall post a blog soon about my future career as a Surg Tech . Ta-ta for now .